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139 North Mock St

Prairie Grove, AR 72753

Driving Directions

If you would like to send us a message for  billing questions, accounting questions or  questions about new service, please use the  form below.  If you need the repair  department call 846-4161.  For Internet  support call 846-9700

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For Billing, Accounting and New Services, please call (479)846-7200, 1(800)235-6565.

Discontinuance of Service may be made at our Business Office in person, by telephone or by mail. Overpayments will be credited to the next months bill unless service has been discontinued. Refunds will be made by check. For any question regarding services on your account, billing, Online Billpay, and other inquiries relating to your account, please call our Business Office during normal business hours.

Repair Department:  For immediate Repair support, contact the repair line at (479)846-4161.
Internet Support:  For immediate Internet support, contact our 24x7 help desk at (479)846-9700.

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