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PGTelco offers custom hosted solutions for any size business.  For more information on our hosted business solutions call our office at 479-846-7200.

Let PGTelco handle all your Business Communicationsneeds! PGTelco provides competitive pricing and reliable service backed by over 100 years experience in the telephone business. Your calls, voice mails and Internet travel through our dependable land lines, so if power goes out, your phone line doesn't. With a business line from PGTelco, you also get reliable 911 services.

Business Phone


PGTelco provides a reliable phone connection with a full array of business class features to keep you connected to your customers.

Long Distance Toll Free Dialing Service is a common line inward telecommunications service allowing a station to receive long distance calls without charge to the caller. The unit of measure used for timing of messages is one-minute increments. The service is available to both business and residential Customers.

The Toll Free PIN product offers an alternative to traditional inbound toll free service. With traditional toll free service, each end user is assigned a unique toll free number. With the Toll Free PIN product you have a shared toll free access number and assign personal identification numbers (PINs) to your end users.

Telephone Service
  • Local Calling
    Basic Business Service - $33.48/mo Unlimited Nationwide Bus. - $43.52/mo Prairie Grove, Lincoln, Morrow or Strickler Basic Business Service - $34.48/mo Unlimited Nationwide Bus. - $44.52/mo Farmington Multi-Line Business lines add $2.70 per line. Includes End User and ARC Charges. Additional taxes apply.
  • Long Distance
    Nationwide Unlimited* - $6.79 Rates: Intrastate/IntraLATA - 10 cents/min. Intrastate/InterLATA - 10 cents/min. Interstate/InterLATA - 10 cents/min. The following features are included with each PGTelco Long Distance Account: Optional Calling Cards Toll Free Pin Service Toll Free Number Service Intralata Optional Calling Plans Direct Dialed Long Distance Operator Assisted Calls *Unlimited Long Distance is a service available for communica6on between two individuals. This service is not intended for broadcast messaging, monitoring services or connec6ons other than typical dialog. If PGTelco iden6fies misuse of this service, your service could be subject to termina6on or a plan change to a per minute rate plan.
  • Toll Free Calling
    Toll Free PIN Rates and Charges: Origination/Termination - Per Minute Rate Terminating to PGTelco Customer - $0.21 From Domestic US to Offshore - $0.38 From Offshore to Domestic US or Offshore - $0.38 Customer Requested Change of PIN - $5.00 Toll Free Numbers Usage Rates - Per Minute Rate Calls originating within the Contiguous United States - $0.10 Calls originating in Alaska - $0.43 Calls originating in Hawaii, Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico - $0.29 Calls originating in Guam - $0.45 Calls originating in Saipan - $0.92 Other Charges Recurring Monthly Charge - $2.50 Customer Requested Change of Billing Number - $5.00 Customer Requested Change of Toll Free Number - $5.00 Verbal Directory Assistance Listing (Per Month) - $20.00 Optional Features - Monthly Rates Time-of-Day Routing - $1.00 Percent Call Allocation Routing - $1.00 Area Code Routing - $1.00 Area Code Blocking - $1.00 6-Digit Routing and Blocking - $1.00 10-Digit Routing and Blocking - $1.00 ** The first selected feature will bare a monthly charge of $2.00
Business Internet


An Internet connection from PGTelco provides unlimited access on a reliable network to keep you connected to your customers.


Zing Broadband packages range all the way to 1 gig! Shop our packages to check for availability in your area.


  • Static IP addresses are available at an additional $10 per IP address.

  • Every account will receive 5 FREE Email accounts. Additional accounts are only $1 per month.

  • Free Technical Support is available 24/7. Call 846-9700.

Stand Alone Internet
No phone

Super High-Speed Internet (Fiber)
Download / Upload


200Mbps / 200Mbps - $99.90

1 Gbps / 1 Gbps - $129.90

2.5 Gig coming soon!! *

*available in select locations

*no tax on internet

Stand Alone Internet
No phone

High-Speed Internet
Download / Upload


up to 25 Mbps / 5 Mbps - $99.90

up to 50 Mbps / 10 Mbps - $129.90

*No tax on internet

Internet with single phone line

Super High-Speed Internet (Fiber)
Download / Upload


200Mbps / 200Mbps - $113.38

1 Gbps / 1 Gbps - $143.38

2.5 Gig coming soon!! *

*available in select locations

*taxes not included

*Farmington Business add $1.00

Internet with single phone line

High-Speed Internet
Download / Upload

25 Mbps / 5 Mbps - $118.38

50 Mbps / 10 Mbps - $153.38

*Taxes not included

*Farmington Business add $1.00

Business Bundles

Package your PGTelco Phone service with Zing Broadband for greater savings and exceptional reliability.

All Business Bundles include: Business Phone Line, Unlimited Local Calling, Caller ID Name & Number, Voice Mail and 11 FREE Additional Features.

Nationwide Unlimited Business Bundles


Unlimited Nationwide minutes

+ 200Mbps High Speed Internet* - $115.43


*Speeds up to 1Gig Available

All Bundles Include: 

  • Business Phone Line

  • Unlimited Local Calling

  • Caller ID Name & Number

  • Voice Mail

  • 11 FREE Additional Features

Instructions for Voice Mail and other features page 23-27

Prices do not include 911 fees or Taxes. 


*Nationwide Long Distance includes the contiguous 48 States. Alaska and Hawaii are not included and are billed on a per minute basis.

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