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Not only do we have the best service….We Back It Up!

The PGTelco 24 hour service guarantee assures that if you have any service disruptions with your Phone or Internet we will have them fixed within 24 hours of your report.  If we don’t have your service repaired within 24 hours we will credit your bill $20.00 and waive any associated repair costs.  WE GUARANTEE IT!


Referral Program

New Customer - Receive 20% off of High Speed Internet service for Six (6) months when you bring in a referral card from a PGTelco customer.

PGTelco Customer - PGTelco High Speed Internet customers will receive a $40 credit for every new High Speed Internet customer they refer that signs up for service.

Upgrade Special!

Upgrade to 10, 15 or 20 Mbps High Speed Internet and get the first Three(3) months for only $29.90 for month.  No contract required for current customers.  New customers can get free installation with a one year contract. 

Internet Speed Increase

As of November 1st, 2016 we increased the speed on most of our internet packages at no additional cost to our subscribers.  A list of those increases is below:

 4  Mbps increased to 6 Mbps
 6  Mbps increased to 10 Mbps
10 Mbps increased to 15 Mbps
15 Mbps increased to 20 Mbps

If you are interested in finding out if you qualify for faster service call one of our customer service reps today.


Secure Advantage Bundle

When you sign up for High Speed Internet package that is $39.90 or above you qualify for our Secure Advantage Bundle for FREE.  The Secure Advantage Bundle includes the SecureIT-Plus anti-virus software, FileHopper-Plus cloud storage and Password Genie.


¹Outage must be reported to our repair line at 846-4161 by a customer authorized on the account to qualify for credit.  Technicians must be permitted full access to customer premise with customer present.  Reports generated by major weather events as well as reasonable circumstances beyond our control are excluded.   Appointments for repair that are scheduled outside of 24 hours are excluded.  Excludes DirecTV.