Call Back *66

Call Back *66 keeps redialing busy numbers and tells you when the line is free.

How To Use

  • 1. When you hear a busy signal, depress the switchhook and release it quickly. Listen for special dial tone.
  • 2. If you've already hung up, pick up the receiver and listen for a dial tone.
  • 3. Dial *66. On a rotary dial phone, dial 1166.
  • 4. If the line is still busy, hang up. Your phone will check the number for up to 30 minutes. A special callback ring alerts you if the line becomes free. Pick up the handset to automatically place the call.
  • 5. To cancel, pick up the phone and listen for dial tone. Press *86. On a rotary dial phone, dial 1186. Listen for confirmation tone or announcement. Hang up.