Speed Calling

Speed Calling lets you reach frequently dialed local or long distance numbers by dialing a one or two digit code.

  • To Establish Your Speed Calling List
    • 1. Listen for dial tone and dial 74 (for 8-code calling) or 75 (for 30 code calling).
    • 2. Depress the # button. (With a rotary dial phone, skip this step and allow a 4 second pause.)
    • 3. Dial one of the 8 one-digit access code numbers (2-9) for 8-code Speed Calling or dial one of the 30 two-digit access code numbers (20-49) for 30-code Speed Calling.
    • 4. Dial the complete local or long distance number you are assigning to that code.
    • Listen for confirmation tone to indicate your Speed Calling number is established.
  • To Use Your Speed Calling Feature
    • 1. Lift the receiver and listen for dial tone.
    • 2. Dial the appropriate one digit access number (2-9) for 8-code Speed Calling, or the two-digit access number (20-49) for 30-code Speed Calling.