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Your PGTelco High Speed Internet installation will be performed by a qualified and knowledgeable Technician. The PGTelco Technician will install a modem to one phone outlet in your home or business. The Technician will survey the location and wiring before installation, and determine if it will meet your needs.

Additional wiring may be needed for optimal performance of your service. With a one year service contract, there is no charge for installation of wiring for the Modem. (some restrictions may apply). PGTelco offers both a standard modem and a modem/router combo for purchase or lease. The combo modem has wireless capability for using multiple devices. Fees may apply for additional work performed by the Technician beyond installation of the modem to more than one device.

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What will the Technician do when my High Speed Internet is installed?
Your Technician will install necessary equipment and ensure it is working properly on your device. If no device is present at installation, the Technician will use a laptop to ensure your connection is performing properly. Your Technician will give you a tutorial on internet and email access as well as any networking needs.

Are there limitations of use with my Internet connection?
There are no usage limitations. Your connection is always on, available 24/7. However, your service should not be used for any illegal activity or copyright infringement. Also, customers may not use the service in such a way as to impair or degrade the operation or performance of the PGTelco network.

What does “Always on” mean?
Always on means exactly that! Your High Speed Internet service is always on, ready to use. Therefore there is no need to dial up, no busy signals, and no disconnections!

What if I need more than one device hooked up to my Internet connection?
Your High Speed Internet service can be used in tandem with additional equipment to utilize your broadband with multiple devices such as other computers, game consoles, VOIP systems, Satellite receivers, etc. This is called a Network and requires the use of a router, switch, hub, or a combination of these to support your network. PGTelco offers many options in our Marketplace to help bring service to your additional equipment. Your Technician can assist you to survey and determine your needs. PGTelco can install your network for you at additional cost. Call our business office for details.

Are there any system requirements?
PGTelco’s High Speed Internet will perform on any operating system, provided your computer has a functioning Ethernet card or port. In the event your computer does not have a Ethernet card, your Technician can install a card for an additional cost, and at the discretion of the Technician.

What about Security?
Our service is highly secure. However, always on connections are inherently vulnerable to attack. Additionally, PGTelco cannot monitor information you download. Therefore we recommend all users use a firewall in tandem with updated antivirus software.

Free Technical Support Available 24/7 Phone: 479-846-9700
Business office Phone: 479-846-7200 or 479-267-7200

Please utilize our Free Technical Support Staff for any problems regarding Internet or email issues.

If your problem requires 2nd level technical support, a Technician will contact you within 24 hours of your call. If you are having connectivity problems, please perform the following steps before calling into technical support.

1. Check all cables supplied at installation and ensure that there is power going to the modem.

2. If you have a router, check that it is properly connected to the Ethernet cord coming from the modem. Make sure your computer has connectivity with the router and that they are talking to each other. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact our Technical Support staff and we can walk you through.

3. If you have moved the modem from the originally installed location, move it back to the original location and contact PGTelco to submit an order to have your circuit moved.

4. After you have checked the above and your service is still not working, please contact the support staff and have the following information ready:
- The time and date you experienced the problem.
- A complete description of your problem.
- Your computers operating system.
- Exact wording of any error messages.

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