Distinctive Ring Call Waiting

When a call is received from someone on your Distinctive Ring list, you are alerted with a Distinctive Ringing pattern. If you also have Call waiting and a call is received from someone on your Distinctive Ringing list, the Call Waiting tone will be distinctive.

How to Use:

  • 1. Pick up your phone and listen for dial tone. Press *61. Listen for an announcement telling you whether the feature is currently on or off. The recorded voice will then tell you how many numbers are currently stored on your list. Follow the voice instructions and dial 3 to turn the feature on (if currently off) or turn the feature off (if currently on).
  • 2. To add the last caller to your list press #01#.
  • 3. To hear the phone numbers on your list dial 1. After the list is read, voice instructions will follow.
  • 4. To add a number to your list press #. Follow the voice instructions. You can store up to 31 phone numbers.
  • 5. To remove a number from your list press *. Follow the voice instructions to remove any or all of those numbers.
  • 6. To hear instructions again dial 0.
  • 7. If a call is from someone on your list, you'll hear a special ring. All other calls will have a normal ringing pattern. If you have Call Waiting and get a call from a number on your list while you're on another call, you'll hear special Call Waiting tone. All other calls are signaled by a normal tone.